Valentine’s Day – not just for couples

Being a ginger (all that red scares me!) and being neither married or dating, Valentine’s Day is something I normally don’t pay attention to.  But after reading Marijke Hoek’s article, I’m regretting letting it slip off my radar.

 When I lived in America, I was bemused by the range of Valentine’s Cards you could send, particularly the edible ones to your pets (how did this nation get so influential?!).  The cards for your friends, felt like a patrionising way to include your single friends in this couple exclusive holiday.  But now I wish I had baked heart shaped cookies for today and sent my friends something to tell them how much I love them and appreciate their friendship. 

I believe we were built to be in community, to have a variety of relationships in our life.  The saying goes that “it takes a community to raise a child”, I think that goes for all of us – young and old.  I love how Marijke put’s it….

“Yet, in order to become the kind of community God has in mind, I think we may need to place the emphasis on the rediscovering of friendship. Less exclusive – yet priceless.”

So instead of waiting until 14th February 2012, I think I’ll start now! To all my friends – I think you’re fab!!

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