Thankful on Thursdays

I didn’t get a chance to wish away my Wednesday this week.  I was too busy making St Patrick-inspired decorations for next Tuesday night.

Here are my thanks for this week:

Candra’s blog – I don’t have kids, but I have friends who do and I love sharing her blog with them.  Anyone who is bogging about, raising and home schooling three boys is definitely worth hearing from.  Especially in my situation, because she  gives me a bit of reality check about what being a mum is really like!

Hanging out with Sharon – going to the Souk, hanging out in Belfast City Centre, getting a cuppa in Hooligans, wondering how we ever had the energy or the patience to work with young people and planning our 30th birthdays!!

HERS – this is a community of women having fun in Belfast city.  We meet once a month to hang out and learn something new.  This month we learned how to cheat our way to a great meal.  Susan Harrison showed us her best cheats and then we got to taste them! It was a great night, especially because Susan told us that she has never been to culinary school and everything she knows she learned from her mother and grandmother!! Inspiring!

Lent - I am giving up all my TV watching over lent and taking up spending more time praying, reading more and connecting with people.  I did go on a TV binge on Tuesday, trying to watch as many episodes of The Good Wife as I possibly could!!  Anyone giving up something old and taking up something new for lent?

via Cartoon Church

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One thought on “Thankful on Thursdays

  1. a. you’re my Irish princess, and I’ve been praying for your future King so that I can call you the Irish queen. I’m not kidding. And I’m so glad you are keeping me up to date on the latest English Love Story.

    b. i’m seriously thinking about Vegas like every day and really going to try to make it

    c. you have great taste in music [in regards to your other blog post]

    d. i miss thee

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