Freedom Fridays – Catherine (Kate) Middleton

So the future Mr and Mrs Future King and Queen of England visited Belfast this week and I was gutted I didn’t mitch off work to go down and have a gawk.  There is an excited buzz and expectation around this couple. 

Kate in Belfast

 I love how the fashion world are fawning all over her!  She can do know wrong! But if we are being honest, her style is not something that is normally reflected in the fashion mags!  If she was any other young woman on the street, they wouldn’t look twice at her, much less take a picture.  BUT whatever Catherine wears sells!

Kate in Burberry

She wore this coat on Tuesday and already it’s sold out!!  Same goes for other pieces she has worn.  I’m cynical, I know!  But I think as her popularity increases, we’ll probably see her personal style influencing what we wear.  Diana (first and only time I will compare the two!) wore a meringue wedding dress which would featur at nearly every 80s wedding!!

And for my opinion, I’m looking forward to women wanting to dress like ladies and not strippers … I’m kind of old fashioned that way!!

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