Make–it-to-5pm Mondays – Royal Wedding Party


So I disappeared for a fortnight, but now I’m back.  Crazy time in work!  But forget that, I’m majorly excited about the Royal Wedding next Friday!!!  I love a good wedding – who is wearing what, will she say “obey” in her vows, what’s the cake like etc.

When Charles and Di got married, the street I grew up in had a street party – bunting, cake, games etc.  It was lots of fun … from what I can tell from the photos (I was asleep in a pram!)  I’ve always felt I missed out and I had grand plans to organise a street party in honour of  William and Catherine.  However, work killed that idea and I’m having a tea party in my house instead!

Here are my Royal Tea Party essentials:

CupcakesRoyal Tea Towel - via


China tea cups - I'm using my churchill


British bean bag


A Pearly King - via

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