Make-it-to-5pm Mondays – Take That Progress Tour 2011 @ Croke Park

It is hard enough normally to concentrate in work, but spending your Saturday night with 5 delightful men makes concentration completely impossible!

After spending a small fortune in October 2010, the day of the Take That concert finally arrived. My bestie, Jude and I hopped on to a bus in Belfast, put on by the wonderful John from Coaches to Concerts and sang our way through Take That’s greatest hits all the way to Dublin.

The fact we were practically sitting in the sky was quickly forgotten when the lads appeared (but thank goodness for the big screens – it could have been anyone down there).

If I could have bottled the atmosphere as the crowd realised that Robbie Williams was about to appear, selling it would make me a trillionaire! My favourite moment though was Gary, Mark, Robbie, Howard and Jason around the piano singing their old hits.

Even though a small part of me is a bit sceptical about their reunion, I am going to choose to believe that they are working hard at forgiveness and reconciliation. I am going to choose to allow hope to rise, that broken relationships can be restored and be even better than they were before.

You never know, in ten years time the Gallagher brothers may sort out their differences and reform Oasis!

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