Turn-it-Up Tuesdays – Fallen Empires

I am close to obsessively listening to this album, but I can stop it anytime … well maybe not.  I love Snow Patrol’s sound, but most of all I love their lyrics.  Lightbody is a master at his craft – simple, but at times profound.

“We’re lost ’til we learn how to ask
We’re lost ’til we learn how to ask
We are lost ’til we learn how to ask
So please, please just ask”   In the End

“Because fear and anger are a law onto them themselves.” The Weight of Love

I was at one of their Belfast gigs in January and the atmosphere was the best at a gig in a long time – no drunken eejits, very few people completely wasted, no excessive swearing coming from those on stage and just a positive vibe coming from the stage and the crowd.  Don’t know if that remained for those parked in the Odyssey car park or those trying to get taxis out front.  Tip for next time – park in Victoria Square and walk …. you’ll be home quicker!

Anyway, listen to the album it’s great.  Also did I mention they are from Northern Ireland?! 


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