Inspiring Women – Queen Elizabeth II

Photo by Annie Leibovitz

The topic of the British Monarchy is a contentious one in Northern Ireland, our shared history has been a messy one.  Nonetheless, I find Queen Elizabeth II an inspiring woman and leader.  I admire her…

  • Willingness to build bridges even when it’s difficult - her visit to Ireland in 2011 was conducted with grace, sensitivity and humility.
  • For keeping her word - 60 years in the one job!  She promised as a young woman to dedicate her life to the service of the people of the UK and Commonwealth and she is still doing it.
  • Commitment – She hasn’t thrown her crown out of the carriage when things have got difficult, but has perservered, re-invented and just got on with it!
  • Silence – this is a woman who has conversed with world leaders and has been and is privy to extremely significant information.  Yet she has revealed nothing of those conversations or those details.  She can be trusted not gossip or tell all.  A quality lacking in many of us!



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