Wishing Wednesdays – Vintage Homebird Thatched Cottage

My birthday is really not too far away!  Last year I turned 30 and I embraced it in style.  This year I am going to celebrate but on a smaller scale, instead of trip to the American wild west, I quite fancy a trip to the Wild West of Northern Ireland!

And where else would be as perfect as Geaglum Cottage and Romany Caravan?!

via Vintage Homebird

Owned by the fabulous team at Vintage Homebird, it even comes complete with it’s own gypsy caravan and beach.  It was been decorated with a lot of vintage treasures you’ll find in the fabulous Vintage Homebird shop in Greyabbey (a great place for a saturday outing.)

Cherry over at Feathers of Inspiration posted about her trip to the cottage last year. 

Think I might just turn my wishing into reality!!

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2 thoughts on “Wishing Wednesdays – Vintage Homebird Thatched Cottage

  1. compared with big cities, l prefer tarving small villages. the pics u photoed are real. ilike them:)

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