Beautiful Bath – Belfast Kate’s guide

I am just back from a wonderful few days in the beautiful city of Bath.  This was such an easy trip – a 45 min flight from Belfast to Bristol, a 40 min journey by bus and train to Bath and a 10 min walk to our hotel.  This was a wee treat for my mum, who has been a busy little bee of late. 

We spent the weekend absorbing the history of the city, visiting all the unique boutiques and eating some tasty food.  Here are my recommendations:

The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe

Inside The Bath Bun

The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe is a very pretty place to have a light bite and a cup of tea (I recommend the Egyptian Mint tea).  Situated in a courtyard, off York Street, close to the Abbey.

Hadrian considering where he'll build his next wall

Free walking tours – you can pick them up outside the Pump Room.  These are run by enthusiastic Bath residents, who will take you on a 2 hour walk of the city, telling you it’s history on the way. 

The King's Fountain, Pump Room

Any avid Jane Austen reader/watcher of period dramas will recognise this place.  You’ll find this in the Pump Room and you can pay 50p for the privilege of drinking warm, nasty water!  This is where georgian people came to take the waters and where I came to find my own Captain Wentworth.  I didn’t have much luck

Clearly run by someone who loves craft!  Full to the brim with beautiful craft supplies – they even run courses too!

Susannah Antique and Texitles

Mr Oliver, I salute you!

 Great food, great cocktails, great atmosphere! I’d also recommend Las Iguanas for food and cocktails (particularly the Nachos and Cherry Fizz cocktail)  Didn’t realise it was a chain until I googled it – didn’t feel like one! 

Have you been? Where was your favourite place?

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