Make-it-to-5pm Mondays – Mad Men

After a weekend of good (The Voice UK) and bad (Titanic – I had hardly sat down and the ship started to sink!) TV viewing, I’m excited by the return of Mad Men.

Not only do I love the style of this show, but the characters are fabulously written and acted.  Nothing really dramatic happens in the show – there are no cliff hangers, explosions, unexpected twists etc.  It’s a show about being human and that’s what I love.  Every character is equally loveable and loathable.  Did I also mention, that this show oozes style?

I’m just hoping that it’s move to SKY isn’t the beginning of a descent into bad scripts, convoluted plot lines and mediocrity, as the move has been for other shows – Friends, Prison Break, Lost, 24 to name but a few big names.  Well, it starts Tuesday night on SKY Atlantic, so this should actually be Make-it-to-5pm Tuesdays!  Old Fashioneds all around!

Great advertising idea – well you can expect nothing less from a TV show about an advertising company!

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