Make-it–to-5pm Mondays – Titanic Belfast

To be honest, I’ve had my fill of hearing about the Titanic and the increasingly inappropriate ways people are capitalising on and marking the 100th anniversary of it’s launch and sinking. So when my mum reminded me that we were having a family outing to the new Titanic Belfast on Sunday, I was more enthused about the going out for dinner part afterwards.

However, I recovered from “grumpy old woman” syndrome in time to appreciate how impressive the building looks and enjoy playing “Hole in the Wall” with the Titanic sign outside.



Unfortunately I didn’t realise that my camera was full so these are the only pictures I could take – doh!

There were lots of people visiting, but it was well organised, by friendly, helpful well-informed staff.  The exhibition takes through a history of Belfast, industry, emmigration, before focusing on shipbuilding and Titanic.  It was great having my dad there as he has worked in and round the ship yard for a good part of his life, so he was chipping in more information as we went.

Highlights …

  • Simulation of what each deck of the Titanic looked like.  Even though you are standing you feel like you are moving up – strange!
  • The footage from sea floor
  • Morse code messages leading you through the section on the disaster.  I found this section quite moving actually.  Even though it was packed with people, it was a hushed atmosphere as people read about the individuals on the Titanic (I feel they need more individual stories, as this was the part people seemed to be really interested in.)
  • Not being rushed through.  I went at my own pace and the only time I had to queue was for the wee ride bit.


Not getting to walk down the staircase a la Kate Winslet.  They should have incorporated this into the attraction.  With a chance to get your photo taken and buy it in the gift shop at the end a la Disney!  £5 for a print, £2.50 to have it emailed to you.

Overall, a great experience.  I want to go again on a rainy Monday in November when no-one is there so I can take more time to read everything.  Totally worth a visit and a visitor’s attraction that us locals should definitely get behind and celebrate.

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