Wishing Wednesdays – Outdoor Space

 I live in one of Belfast’s thousands of terrace houses. 

As depicted by Flax Fox

 Built to house the factory workers of industrial Belfast, they are now the homes of a wide variety of Belfast people.  Traditionally they would have been 2 up, 2 down with a concrete yard out the back, now each one is different due to various levels of care and creativity.I rent my terraced house so I limit myself to making the place homely and what I can take with me when I move on.  But I’m on a mission to improve the house’s back yard.  Limited in space with 2 out houses (which now act as storage for the boiler and other things) and an oil tank, I want to make this a pretty oasis to enjoy any warmish, non-rainy days we may get this spring and summer.

Over the Easter break,  my wonderful dad and I did the donkey work of clearing up the ground of years of dirt with a power hose, a shovel and some elbow grease.  It is now a blank canvas and ready for my city oasis.  Here are a few things that are inspiring me …

Colander Hanging Basket via The Micro Gardener

Chalkboard pots via Design Sponge

Colourful patio table and chairs via Canadian House & Home

via Lonny Magazine

My favourite has to be this idea for a pallet planter.  Which is a far superior use for a pallet, than what they tend to be used for in the summer months in Belfast ;)

What other good use could a pallet be put to?

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