Make-it-to-5pm Mondays – Escape to Donaghadee

This past weekend,  Belfast City has been commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  It seemed that everywhere you looked there was some sort of event taking place.  As I was feeling a bit Titanic-fatigued and helping with a prayer room that was being run at Titanic Belfast on Sunday, I jumped in a car with a few (equally Titanic-fatigued) friends and we headed to one of my favourite parts of Northern Ireland – Donaghadee!

Situated on the coast of North Down, just 35 mins from Belfast, this is a beautiful seaside town with a fort, a lighthouse and the oldest pub in Ireland.   

Pictures by Jan

As it was a bracing evening, we walked quickly to and from the Lighthouse.

Reject liquorice Midget Gems

Then we headed to a sweet shop (The Cabin?) to stock up on old fashioned quarters of sweets before we headed to the pub. 

Grace Neill's - the oldest pub in Ireland (allegedly!)

As I was driving, I had the very Irish, non-alcholic drink of Blackcurrant & Water whilst we discussed Agatha Christie and Famous Five novels – obviously inspired by our surroundings.  We also spied out Grace Neill’s sunday lunch menu which we will be back to sample soon. Great way to forget about the night to remember!

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