BK Book Club – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Last year, I set myself the goal of reading 2 books a month!   I think I had forgotten about it by February!  I need to write things on a list and tick them off as I go.  Ticking boxes motivates me! 

My friend is endeavouring to read 100 books in one year!  She on the other hand does not have half-finished craft projects all over the place!  But she has inspired me to read more, I’m trying to resurrect my one fiction and one non-fiction book, but on alternate months! 

I have just finished this wonderful book. Set just after WW2 this book tells of the correspondence between Julie Ashton, a writer, and inhabitants of Guernsey.  Its a story about the joy of books and community, with an insight into Guernsey life under Nazi occupation.  It was a delightful easy read - funny, touching and quintessentially English.  It was therefore a surprise to find out that Mary Ann Shaffer is actually from the USA.  I thought she captured the english sense of humour and quirkyness perfectly!  

What I love most of all is Mary Ann Shaffer’s story.  This was her first and only book, as she didn’t start writing it until she was in her 60s.  Spurred on by her own book group to pursue her life-long dream to “write a book that someone would like enough to publish”, she began the book, which her niece (Annie Barrows) helped her to finish when Mary Ann’s health began to fail.  Mary Ann died in 2008, the year the book was published, I’m hoping she got to hold a copy of it in print.  Not only did she achieve her dream, but she did it in style – over 3 million copies have been sold worldwide of her book!

Have you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society?  What did you think?

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