Posted in December 2010

The Nativity

TV programmes of the Nativity Story can always be a bit, well .. crap! Like your P6 teacher is producing and directing it.  Until now!  The four-part BBC offering this year, The Nativity, has been must-see viewing for me.  Tony Jordan’s screenplay completing captivated me, I didn’t feel the need to wrap a christmas present … Continue reading

Wedding Wishs

Wishing my brother and sister-in-law a fabulous, evening winter wedding! The scenery is stunning, but unbelievably arctic feeling! will post more later, if I don’t get frostbite!

Make-it-to-5pm Mondays

I would like to tell you that I start the week fresh and raring to go, but really it’s all I can do to make it to 5pm. I struggle into my week, but by Wednesday I’m firing on all cylinders!! My hibernation at the weekend and the knowledge that my housemate is still in … Continue reading

Turn-it-Up Tuesdays

Belfast has a vibrant and eclectic music scene.  You are never short of finding a venue with live music on any night of the week.  I recently came across local band, Maguire and I, playing at a charity gig ‘Christmas Covered’ in the Kings Head where local musicians covered christmas hits.  It was a brilliant night … Continue reading


I sit in front a computer every day. I look at spreadsheets, emails and word documents everyday.  Yet there is a big, wide world out there that isn’t solely black writing on a white background!  This blog is just about me looking for inspiration on the net and in the city and sharing it here. … Continue reading