Make-it-to-5pm Mondays

I would like to tell you that I start the week fresh and raring to go, but really it’s all I can do to make it to 5pm. I struggle into my week, but by Wednesday I’m firing on all cylinders!!

My hibernation at the weekend and the knowledge that my housemate is still in her bed, isn’t really helping matters!  I’m also off tomorrow for three days as me wee bro is getting married on Wednesday (in the snowy back of beyond!!) and I’m making the cupcake tower for the reception. So tonight my kitchen will be as white (with flour and icing sugar) as outside!  I will post photos of the finished product on Thursday.

What is making you through this Monday morning?  I like having craft projects to do over christmas and books to read, so the thought of this keeping me going!

Craft projects

1) Crochet baby blanket for the gorgeous new addition to the Cathcart family… if the wool arrives on time!

2) Changing a plain, canvas shopper into a fabulously, funky shopper

3) Begin the redecoration of my bedroom (more on that later …)


What are your plans over christmas?


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