The Nativity

TV programmes of the Nativity Story can always be a bit, well .. crap! Like your P6 teacher is producing and directing it.  Until now!  The four-part BBC offering this year, The Nativity, has been must-see viewing for me.  Tony Jordan’s screenplay completing captivated me, I didn’t feel the need to wrap a christmas present or wash a dish for a whole 30mins, I didn’t want to miss a thing.  Even though I know this story and have also performed in nativity plays before (I was an angel and a donkey!) I loved his telling of it.  It made me think about the story from a different angle and really captured the oppression and hopes of the Israelites.

I found the story of the Shepherd most engaging and loved how it got across that Jesus came not just for the rich and religious but also for those who get overlooked and oppressed in society – “people such as us”.

I recommend that you check this out on BBC iplayer, better than watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the 100th time!


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