Turn-it-up Tuesdays (the TV version) – Miranda

So I’m not dying about any music this week, because I’ve spent the past week watching every episode of my new favourite TV show, Miranda.

This show is hilarious or what I call  ‘such fun’!  I love comedy that is about everyday life and the stupid things we do and I can see myself, my family and friends in these characters!  If you haven’t seen the programme, it centres around Miranda, a 30-something, single gal navigating the dangerous waters of owning her own business, a mother who will marry her off to anyone, old school friends who are annoying and a crush on the rather fine Gary. 

This is laugh out loud funny and it is a complete travesty that there are only 12 episodes of this (6 in Series 1, 6 in Series 2).  Go to iplayer quickly people and watch this!! 



2 thoughts on “Turn-it-up Tuesdays (the TV version) – Miranda

  1. Awh! Miranda is, what I like to call, amazing! We recorded the entire second season so I may rush home and watch it all again! Good honest fun!

    Thanks for the lovely blog, I really enjoy reading your work.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Cherry! Miranda is something you need to watch at least twice, because there are bits you miss!

    I am a Feathers fan and find myself looking at people, thinking to myself “they could feature in a Feathers of Inspiration Belfast StreetStyle post.” We are very well presented in Belfast!

    Enjoy Miranda … such fun!

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