Creating vs Consuming

A few years ago I was … well… broke and Christmas was coming.  The pressure to spend a fortune at Christmas is crazy and unnecessary.  My housemate inspired me through her constant crafting to dust off my knitting needles and create my own presents.  I made hot water bottle covers, scarves and golf club covers!!

This snowballed into baking, crocheting, sewing, embroidery and really anything that required me to put things together to make something else! This year I made about 80% of my Christmas presents, mostly using recycled materials.  Not only did it save me a forutne but I enjoyed every minute of it!

I have two friends who have started machine sewing classes and I don’t think a heroin addict is more addicted than these two!

My theory … we’re made to be creators not consumers.  We’ve been wired to look at something and see more potential in it than it currently has and then set ourselves the challenge of bringing that about.  This is not just confined to craft, but is woven through our whole lives – work, education, family life, food etc.   Creating something has benefit for the people I share the finished product with, but it also makes me feel like I’m really living.

 So where could you create more than you consume?


One thought on “Creating vs Consuming

  1. This is a nice post Kate:) I like the line ‘we’re meant to be creators not consumers’, it’s very very true! For example, in the kitchen, when I make something myself from the scratch, not only does it taste way better than some ready to eat product from Tesco, it is way more fun and whatnot! 🙂

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