Coco and Made In Belfast

I was a lucky girl last weekend and got to eat out in two of Belfast’s more stylish restaurants – Coco and Made in Belfast.

You will find Coco around the corner from Ten Sq, at the back of the City Hall (lived here all my life and still don’t know the names of the streets!)

Made in Belfast is down the alley beside the Northern Bank (the one that got robbed of £26 million) at the City Hall.

Both are modern restaurants with vintage feels (Coco has an arcade machine with Space Invaders on it!) with modern takes on mostly local dishes.  Coco though has more of the air of fine dining than Made in Belfast, but the food is equally as fine.

I love that these restaurants bring a creative and different feel to Belfast.  They make the days when the Skandia was the most interesting place to eat in the centre of Belfast, seem so long ago.  But (I hate that there is a but) I found the menus to be more style over substance! I’m not talking about quantities, but range, flavour, excitingly new and comfortably familiar options.  I just wasn’t blown away by the choice.  There wasn’t even a veggie option on Coco’s menu and just one on Made in Belfast’s.

A good restaurant is one that brings you back to try the options you couldn’t or because the dish you had was so amazing you have to go back.  Coco and Made in Belfast were nice for the special occasions I went for, but I wouldn’t be inventing a special occasion to go back.  Sorry! Just my opinion – great atmospheres, good service (Coco gets a “great”), excellent food presentation.  A good once off experience, but not a favourite haunt.


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