Make-it-to-5pm Mondays – Los Angeles & Las Vegas

The holiday is booked! This summer my bestie, Jude and I are heading to Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  I spent a year living in Los Angeles and Jude has never been, so it will be a balance between the traditional touristy things, visiting my old haunts and the new sites and sounds that are constantly springing up in these ever changing cities.  The thought of this is keeping me going on a rainy, Belfast day.

Here are some of the places we’ve both never been to and hope to visit ….

The Neon Museum - where neon signs spend their retirement

Downtown Art Walk - sounds like something similar to Belfast Culture night

Reform School, LA


Sprinkles, Beverly Hills - The Mecca for Cupcakes

Annenburg Community Beach House

The Attic - Vintage Store in Vegas

Crossroads Trading Co. - recycled fashion at it's best!


Any Thrift shop I come across!!

Any locals got any good suggestions?

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