Creative Process

I found this video via Creature Comforts and I was completely captivated by the creative process.  I want to be with these guys, watching every detail of their creating.  The more time I spend creating things, the more I’m valuing the process, instead of wanting to rush to the finished product. 

I love planning it out – choosing my colours, materials, how I’m going to do it. 

I love getting into it and then changing my mind on a certain aspect. 

I love trouble-shooting when things aren’t going as planned. 

I love seeing separate materials start to connect and begin to take a different shape.

I love observing it when it’s ‘finished’ and seeing where things can be improved.

I love dreaming of the next project.

It took Michaelango 4 years to paint the 12,000 square feet of the Sistine Chapel!  Creativity that aspires to quality isn’t to be rushed.


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