Rise – a new Belfast landmark

Rise by Wolfgan Buttress

I came home yesterday to find a leaflet about this on my doormat.  Rise is a new sculpture that will be placed on the Broadway roundabout, the M1 entrance to Belfast.  It will be 37.5m high and 30m wide, so apparently will be clearly visible from the air!  It is being built by Rasharkin-based steel company M Hasson & Sons Ltd and will hopefully be in place by Spring 2011.  For £486,000, you get two globes in silver and white steel, which “will be lit to symbolise the rising of the sun and new hope for Belfast’s Future.”

So what you do you think?  Good use of tax payer money?  or a waste?

I’m for it and can’t wait to see it in it’s full glory.  Being from the area, I like that it will make such a big statement, because at the moment it’s an extremely underwhelming and bleak welcome to Belfast.  I like that they are using a local company to make it and it benefits other businesses (my dad’s business had some input into the making of “the doll with the ball”)

One disappointing thing is the artist isn’t from here (as far as I know he is based in Nottingham, England).  Are we lacking in local talent to create magnificent sculptures or lacking a vehicle for driving, mentoring and displaying local talent?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to having it welcome me home!


2 thoughts on “Rise – a new Belfast landmark

  1. I hadn’t heard about this one yet. Yeah, it looks good 🙂 I was talking about “the doll with the ball” once to my husband and he was like, “What?” and when I tried to describe it and where it was he was like, “There’s a big statue there??” ha ha! Hopefully this new one will be big enough for even him to take notice! 🙂

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