Wireless Mystery Theatre

A friend of mine introduced me to the Wireless Mystery Theatre at this year’s Belfast Book Festival.

How I’ve been describing them – you know the scene from Annie, where Daddy Warbucks go to the radio station and there’s people doing a play and someone making the sound effects? Well it’s like that, sort of. They are brillant!!

How WMT describe themselves “Wireless Mystery Theatre transports the audience back to the Golden Age of radio, to be AWED! and AMAZED! by faithful recreations of old-time radio suspense plays, with live music, real sound effects, and commercials from the period.”

They are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Fesitval this year and every sunday in July they are doing 4 shows in White’s Tavern in preparation. But calm down they are all sold out! Gutted!

Sign up to their Facebook and go check out their next event. This is a brillant concept and a great night out!

****** UPDATE:  Apparently the shows are NOT sold out.  Lesson for today:  don’t believe everything you read on the internet!!  See comments for how to get tickets!  GO GO GO!


2 thoughts on “Wireless Mystery Theatre

  1. Dear Kate, we’re delighted that you like our shows, thank you! One thing: we are not sold out for any of the White’s Tavern Sunday performances in July. Tickets are on the door (doors at 5pm). Alternatively, tickets can be reserved by emailing wirelessmysterytheatre@gmail.com. Thanks!

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