Belfast – Our Time, Our Place

Being cynical comes naturally to us Belfast people.  Blowing our own trumpet does not.  I haven’t been inspired much lately, well not enough to blog about it.  But inspiration is bubbling over again and the source of that inspiration is Belfast!

Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with my hometown and I’ve frequently wanted to bail on this place.  But I’ve got fresh eyes and I’m seeing this place for the great place that it really is.

So I’m getting back to blogging about why Belfast & Northern Ireland is not only a cool place to live, but an inspirational one also.

Get ready people for a bit of trumpet blowing!!


2 thoughts on “Belfast – Our Time, Our Place

    • Hi Cherry. It’s good to be back!! It is really exciting to be around Belfast and Northern Ireland and I want to share it with others. Thanks for coming back!

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