Flax Fox Designs

I hate tacky tourist souveniers.  Since Belfast has joined the tourist trail, kiss me I’m Irish hats, leprechauns and shamrock have been appearing in our shops.  How boring!  There is so much creativity in this small city and I love that Flax Fox are producing unique and fun images of Belfast.

Their designs include the more recognisable images of Belfast – Harland and Wolf cranes (see the top of this blog), City Hall etc.  But my favourite design is the street of Belfast terrace houses which are characteristically Belfast, but an everyday one we don’t notice as much.


This is quality artwork for tourists, ex-pats and locals alike.  You can even get their designs on tea towels!  You can find them at St George’s Market on Saturdays and Sundays (they are permanently there on Sundays and there as much as they can on Saturdays) or check out their store on Etsy.

If you are a friend of mine expect to be getting a framed Flax Fox postcard for any occasion that requires a present!

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