Olympic Women – positive role models?

After another blogging hiatus, spurred on by a questioning of why I should be blogging, I’ve been compelled to come back to add my voice to the chorus of people who are loving the London 2012 Olympics.

I normally find watching sport even less appealing than actually taking part in it (with the exception of Tennis), but I am addicted to the Olympics!  I’m finding myself watching things (and rearranging my schedule to watch things) that I would never have watched before the games!  I’ve downloaded the BBC Olympics app and have  taken a 10 minute breaks in work to watch Coleraine rowers compete for and win (!) medals.

But the thing I’m loving most (even more than Andy Murray beating Federer to win the gold) is the spotlight it is putting on women in sport.  Hardworking, focused, intelligent and fake tan-free women.  On a separate note – only 5% of media coverage is dedicated to female sports

Some of the Women of Team GB

There is a picture doing the rounds on Facebook asking the British Media to start giving more coverage to our female olympians instead of the usual reality tv “celebrity” crowd.  There were asking for more ‘positive’ female role models for our girls.

Over the past month, I have been hearing a lot about the necessity of ‘positive’ female role models for women and girls.  BBC Woman’s Hour had a great segment on a school in Essex inspiring their girls to greater things, through ‘positive’ female role models.

In an interview on the BBC’s Olympics Tonight rower Greg Searle paid tribute to Katherine Grainger and her positive influence on the female rowing team, citing it as one of the reasons for the huge success of the female rowers at this Olympics.

Update:  Feathers of inspiration highlighting inspiring Olympic Women today

I think we can all agree that everyone needs positive role models in their lives.  But what makes a role model ‘positive’?


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