Freedom Fridays – Belfast Culture Night 2012

To say that I’m just a little excited about tonight is an understatement – I’m a bouncing, more-than-usual clock watching, ginger citizen of the fine city of Belfast!  That’s because it’s Culture Night in Belfast!!

Tonight the Cathedral Quarter and City Centre throws opens its doors, gets out onto the streets and fills the atmosphere with music, art, dance, food, poetry, tea parties and more random, fun things than you can shake a stick at!

For people on this fair isle, come to Belfast and for those not blessed to be on the emerald isle get on a plane … now!

There is so much going on, that I can’t list it all here.  But here’s a bit of what my culturally-charged night will probably look like:

  • Velo Jaunt Bicycle Parade
  • Milliez Tea Party
  • Meditation Flash Mob
  • Down@101 – whilst I’m there I might as well go to Up@101
  • There’s a gig in a caravan somewhere

Last time round I ended up unexpectedly in a drum circle, looking forward to what unexpected thing I’ll end up to doing tonight!



One thought on “Freedom Fridays – Belfast Culture Night 2012

  1. Hi Kate, it’s Joe here from The Gathering Drum…just ctumble accross your blog while doing a search! Hope you enjoyed the drum circle last year….did you catch it this year?? 🙂 if you’d like to knwo when we are doing it all again, join the page on FB :0)

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