Muddy Strangers and Community

This is the second time in recent years that I’ve found myself getting on a minibus at the crack of dawn with a bus load of minus banter strangers and going to a place that I could easily trip and plummet to my death. And you know me and tripping!


The tour started off in Masada, the scene of an infamous last stand between Jewish rebels on the top of a plateau and the Romans who wanted it.  If I was the Romans I would have let them keep it, when the only way up is called the Snake Path, would you actually be bothered?! I took the cable car, but the Roman-minded amongst us hiked the trail.


It reminded me a tiny bit of the Grand Canyon and had great views of the Dead Sea and Jordan.  Amazing to think this high up is really just normal sea level.

It was on to Ein Gedi nature reserve for more hiking but at the top we got to cool off under a waterfall! I think this was my fave part of the day.  Also because I ran into someone I knew!


The last time Leanne and I hung out Jude was nearly punched out by a scary girl at a snow patrol gig.  No boxing matches this time, but a quick selfie and a fun story for the bus.

A wise friend said to me that as I detox from northern Ireland, I should consider what I value most. This has been something I’ve been trying to mull over since Stanley McFarland’s interview at Stimulus last September (you have go check it out

Whilst floating in the Dead Sea I clarified that creating community is a value of mine.  I was happy that by the end of the day that the majority of the minus banter minibus where sitting together caked in Dead Sea mud and having a laugh together.

However, I realised that if we value something we have to be prepared to make personal sacrifice to see people experience that value. Like watching everyone’s stuff so that they can go float and bond over being at the mercy of the salty sea.  But a bus full of chatting people is worth it.



2 thoughts on “Muddy Strangers and Community

  1. LOL cracking pic, we’ve got it printed and on the noticeboard… the next day Mr Neill came in and was having a good look at it and was asking is that the special K girl!

    Looks and sounds like your having a really good time, hope your trip is all you want it to be.

    Stay Safe

    Stephen 🙂

  2. I think you should have gone to Vegas! You look as happy as pigs in ….. mud it looks really hot so keep up with the suncream but I think you’ll burn anyway. Look forward to next update, take care, Janet x

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