Posted in July 2014

Shalom Belfast

Shalom Belfast

So I’ve lagged a bit behind updating you on my middle east adventures.  I’ve been too busy adventuring.  Even though I’m sitting in Tel Aviv ready to get my flight home, I’m going to keep blogging, as I’ve more stories to tell – my Nazareth tour run by people who just love their hometown, watching … Continue reading

Embracing Haifa

Just as things were starting to get tense in Jerusalem, I exited the police cordon at Jaffa Gate with my suitcase dragging behind me (the first of many an uphill dragging, in 30+ heat. I’m embracing being a sweaty mess!) and hopped onto a bus to Tel Aviv and then a train to Haifa. The … Continue reading

Headscarves, wigs and the women’s side

I hadn’t even left the airport and I had started a religious argument.  The last remaining seat on the shuttle from the airport was beside me.  A more orthodox Jewish man got onto the bus and, in Hebrew, asked the woman behind me to sit beside me, probably so he didn’t have to compromise his … Continue reading

Archaeologist at Work

Last year I would have said that there was nowhere else in the world that I really wanted to travel to.  I would have half-heartedly mentioned something about Florence.  But I was pretty much content in my little cocoon, it was cosy in there and when you can get Netflix why would you want to … Continue reading

Pray for Jerusalem

Being from Belfast, I have become accustomed to recognising that the sound of a low flying helicopter only means one thing … trouble.  Turns out that it means the same here in Jerusalem.  Whilst tourists were taking selfies and being overpowered by incense at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I was watching this strange … Continue reading