Shalom Belfast

So I’ve lagged a bit behind updating you on my middle east adventures.  I’ve been too busy adventuring.  Even though I’m sitting in Tel Aviv ready to get my flight home, I’m going to keep blogging, as I’ve more stories to tell – my Nazareth tour run by people who just love their hometown, watching Syria blow up stuff from the Golan Heights, trying to walk on the Sea of Galilee, a trip to a kosher vineyard and being evacuated from a swimming pool and sent to a bomb shelter in Tel Aviv.

I’m heading away for a debrief (that means wine, amazing food and maybe a midnight kayak trip) with some friends.  So keep checking in or you can buy me a bacon buttie and I’ll tell you the story about the guy working on a kibbutz that farmed pigs.

Israel has been good to me, it’s even provided rain on my last day


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