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Make-it-to-5pm Mondays

This morning I was greeted, not only with a mountain of work, but also with no heat in my office.¬† After sitting for 2 hours (or what felt like it) with my hat, scarf, coat and gloves still on, I now only have my scarf on! Here are things that are helping me get through … Continue reading


Happy New … I can’t bring myself to say it! I am a New Year’s scrooge! I think it is the most overrated night of the year. But I’m not going to talk about it, because I’ll end up ranting through to February. Anyway,¬† things i’m looking forward to in 2011 Turning 30 – I … Continue reading

Wedding Wishs

Wishing my brother and sister-in-law a fabulous, evening winter wedding! The scenery is stunning, but unbelievably arctic feeling! will post more later, if I don’t get frostbite!